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A family walking through a field.

Seed Collecting

Nature is simply amazing! And there are so many interesting ways to explore its many marvels, whether you head down to the park to track some animal footprints or spend some time at home on the balcony.

Whatever you choose, having loads of outdoor fun is on the menu.

Let’s start where nature begins... seeds!

  • Almost every flower, tree or fruit in your neighbourhood started out as a seed. From the majestic oak tree to your favourite flowers and tasty tomatoes.
  • Why not create a treasure hunt with your friends? See how many different types of seeds you can find in the park and around your neighbourhood. Seeds fall off plants, are blown away by the wind or washed away in the rain. You may need to burrow in the dirt to find some of them.
  • Then when you get back home,
 draw a picture of all the seeds you found and what each seed will grow to be.

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