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Child in an owl mask


Owls have amazing eyesight. They can even spot their prey at night-time.

Play this game to test your owl-vision!

Collect some different-coloured pieces of material, like...

  • cloth,
  • aluminium foil
  • or coloured paper.

  1. Head out in nature and find a trail in the woods or your local park that you and your friends can follow. If you can't get outside, you can make a trail in your home.
  2. Place the bits of material along the trail where they can be seen, but not too easily.
  3. Now ask your friends to walk along the trail one at a time, seeing how many pieces they can spot.

But they must not move their heads from side-to-side!

They need to look straight ahead and see the colours with the corners of their eyes. This is called ‘peripheral vision’, and it's an owl’s specialty.

Who spotted the most?

Practice finding things without moving your head and improve your owl-vision!

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