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A boy and girl sitting in a blue tent.

One Mighty Night Manual

Summer holidays are perfect for a good camp-out. But how about one without your parents? 
Now that’s exciting! But let’s keep the adventure close to home (just in case your parents get a little scared).


To camp-out in your back garden,...


You’ll need:

  • A waterproof tent and groundsheet (it may be summer, but Mother Nature is unpredictable.
  • A warm sleeping bag.
  • Another tent for exploring the garden at night.
  • A waterproof jacket and a pair of boots (bad weather is not going to ruin this adventure).
  • Torches with new batteries (ask your parents for one that you can hang in the tent like a lantern – a well-lit base camp is a good one).
  • A small barbecue (every adventurer needs to cook their own dinner).
  • Make sure to ask your parents to help you light of the fire


Some cool stuff to do:

  • Star gazing to find new worlds, far, far away.
  • Imagining you’re a pioneer on a treasure hunt.

There are so many amazing things just waiting to be discovered when you camp outdoors.

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