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Happy children holding hands in a park.

How to Play the Capture the Flag Game

Picture it. A great battlefield (outdoors) lies ahead. The enemies (your friends) have your flag and you, theirs. You just have to get it without being captured. Capture the flag has been a backyard favourite for decades. It’s the perfect summer holiday game and fun party game for kids that builds strength and stamina. And we’re bringing back the fun so grab your friends and head outdoors.

You’ll need:

  • Four or more players
  • Outdoor space (about 7 meters in length and 5 meters in width)
  • String or chalk
  • Two flags (made from old t-shirts or bandanas)

To play:

  • Split kids into two equal sized teams
  • Mark out two territories with string or chalk then place a flag (or a stick) at each end of the pitch

The aim:

  1. Enter the opponents’ territory
  2. Dodge being captured by ducking, diving and nifty footwork
  3. Claim the flag and bring it back to your territory
  4. If you’re tagged or captured, stand still like a statue until a teammate frees you with a touch

The team that gets the flag first, wins!

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