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Play Conkers

Play Conkers

Playing conkers is loads of fun. Conkers are actually the seeds of the horse chestnut tree and you can usually find them on the ground in winter.

Here’s how to play conkers

You'll need:

  • Two conkers
  • Some string
  • A bradawl (a tool for making holes in wood; a thin screwdriver can also work)

  1. Ask an adult to make the holes in the middle of the conkers for you with the bradawl.
  2. Then thread the string through the conker and tie a couple of knots in the end.
  3. One person lets their conker hang down while the other tries to hit it with theirs.
  4. Then you swap.
  5. Keep taking it in turns until one of them smashes to the floor!

Thanks to the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11¾.

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