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An illustration of children playing game with water.

Indoor & Outdoor Water Games

Ever watched water travel from a starting point to a finishing point? It’s something like a river flowing to a waterfall. Water play is so much fun! With a few household objects and a little imagination, you can create a waterfall in either in your bathroom, kitchen sink or an area in your garden where water will flow away.

  • Start by collecting a few pots and containers from around the home – these could be pans from the kitchen, old coconut shells, plastic plates or cups.
  • Now find some “tubes”. These could be clean pieces of plastic pipe, hollowed out bamboo or even old plastic drink bottles with the bottom cut out. This will be used to get the water from one pot to another.
  • Now put your wonderful imagination to work! Build a watercourse that will help water travel from a starting point to a finishing point.
  • Then figure out some fun ways of allowing the water to travel along your course to where you want it to end up.

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