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A boy hiding in tall grass, looking through a pair of binoculars.

Join the Scavenger Hunt

Happy kids are kids that spend more time outdoors. And who wouldn’t want to when there’s so much to explore!

A scavenger hunt is perfect for active kids like you!

You’ll need:

  • A prize (that’s the parents' task) 
  • A container for your scavenger items
  • A stopwatch on a phone so you’ll know when your time is up
  • An empty matchbox for those special little finds
  • A scavenger list to tick off as you go.


Let’s hunt!

  • Head down to the nearest park or woods. Once you’re there, look on the ground for things that fell out of a tree.
  • What about things that make a noise when you shake them? Find any? There are so many types of leaves on the ground. You’ll hear them scrunch, crackle or squish as you step on them.
  • How many different types of leaves can you collect?
  • Are they crinkly or soft and mushy?
  • Look even closer and you may discover little creatures crawling about too.

And don’t worry about the mud, getting dirty is all part of the fun!

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