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Five boys in blue caps and t-shirts sitting arm in arm on a bench by a baseball pitch.

Start a Rounders League for Kids

As the evenings get lighter it means more hours to stay outside and make the most of every extra hour. Get your kids' friends to sign up to a rounders league, and change the team members around each week to make sure it doesn’t get too competitive! (It’s also a great excuse to catch up with other parents over a flask of coffee in the park.)


What you need:

  • Two teams of nine kids, or as near to that number as possible
  • Four base markers (jumpers work well)
  • Rounders bat and ball


What to do:

  1. Organise two teams of nine players
  2. Each team takes one turn batting while the other team fields
  3. The bowler stands in the bowler's mound and throws underhand to the batter
  4. If the batter hits a ball, it goes into a play
  5. The batter can then run to the first base
  6. A batter is ‘out’ if three good balls pass him by, if a fielder tags the base before he arrives at it, or if he attempts to take over a base already occupied by another batter
  7. Runs are scored by batters running around the bases
  8. Each batting team’s inning lasts until the opposite team records three ‘outs’

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