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Football Assault Course for Kids

Football Assault Course

Rain or shine, pitch or pavement, you’ll always find someone kicking a football around. It’s a great exercise and game for kids outdoors, so why not make your next kick-about a whole day’s fun in the sun?

Not enough of you to make up two teams? It’s no problem with the Football Assault Course. Ask your parents to pack a picnic basket and some sunscreen and head off to the park for these weekend activities! Kids, use spare sweaters, piles of leaves or two trees to create your goal posts. 

Want to kick more accurately? Try kicking the ball between the goal posts as often as you can. Then aim for the corners. And try from further away. The piles of leaves and spare sweaters also make great obstacles to improve your ball control.

How about dribbling the football between the obstacles as fast as you can? Now do it backwards. Add time limits with bonus points and handicaps to make it even more exciting.

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