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child climbing a tree

Tree hugs

Our friends at The Wild Network have come up with a fun activity for kids that’s all about getting up close and personal with trees! Why? Because everyone likes cuddles and hugs, including trees. And you don’t need to do any tree climbing to discover the beauty of trees. So why not give it a go with a friend – the more the merrier.

Take 10 minutes to explore your local area and find some trees. Even on one street alone, there are often lots of different kinds of trees, from Oaks to Silver Birches. Some are rough with distinct patterns while others are smooth like paper.

Choose two different trees close by to each other, then close your eyes and use your hands to explore the bark and leaves. What kind of tree is this? What does it feel like? Is it warm or cool? Describe the tree to your friend in as much detail as you can. After that, you’ll feel much closer to nature in your area.

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