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Get Your Boots On for National Walk to School Week!

Get Your Boots On for National Walk to School Week!

Imagine if going to school every morning was an adventure?
 Well, it can be. National Walk to School Week starts on 15 May and if you get your parents to join you as you walk to school, you can turn it into an awesome adventure!

We’ve got some great ideas to make walking extra fun so get your boots on

Have a road safety quiz

Staying safe around your roads is very important. Test your knowledge. What’s the green cross code? How is a zebra, pelican and puffin crossing different to each other? Start a quiz with your parents to see how many different crossings you can spot along the way

Turn it into a nature walk

Walk through the park or along a nature trail on your way to school. Collect seeds, 
leaves, flowers and pond water in a bag or jar and start a scrapbook after school.

Play pretend games

Who will you be? The brave explorer of a new land? Or a medieval knight on a quest?

And after National Walk to School Week is over, don’t stop

Walk to school every day and enjoy spending time exploring with your parents.

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