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A young girl sitting in a swimming pool, playing with a bucket and spade.

Water Play And Experiments For Kids

Splashing in streams, swimming in the sea, or jumping in rain puddles…water is joy for kids! It fosters curiosity, encourages experimentations and imagination. But city water can be polluted.

So if you’re looking for fun but safe water games, look at this series of Safe Play in the City blog posts for parents and kids who live in cities – best part is you don’t need loads of space to play either inside or out.

For this fun activity indoors, you could use the bathroom or kitchen sink. If you’re playing outdoors use a corner of the garden or yard where water will flow away. Gather pots and containers– these could be pans from the kitchen, old coconut shells, plastic plates or cups.

Now find some “tubes”. Like clean plastic pipe, hollowed bamboo or even old plastic drinks bottles with the bottom cut out and use it to scoop water from one pot to another. Build a watercourse to help water travel from a starting point to a finishing point (like a river into a waterfall). For smaller areas, use a balcony and enjoy the freedom to play.

For indoor play, collect three or four small containers and fill them with water. Then ask your parents to help add food colouring to the water. See what happens to the tone if you add more water. Can you create a water rainbow by lining up different pots of coloured water? While playing, think about what objects would sink or float in water.

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