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A young boy balancing on a log in the middle of a wood.

Woodland Walks

Image by Tom Woodward

Trees hold a special place in storybooks. Think of Little Red Riding Hood and The Magic Faraway Tree. But they don’t only have to only live in your imagination. 
And they’re not very far away.


Put on a comfortable pair of shoes, grab a spotter sheet and bring the magic of trees and nature to life on Woodland Walks


There’s plenty to do on your forest adventure:

  • You can climb trees, play hide-and-seek behind them, or make friends with the wonderful birds and creatures that live in this natural environment.
  • How many different creatures can you spot? Can you figure out where they live in the tree?
  • Take a moment to look closely at the trees too. Every different type of tree has its own unique leaves, bark and flowers.
  • Challenge your friends to see to see who can collect the most types of leaves or flowers?


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