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Kids playing rugby outside

How great is a garden game of rugby?

If you think rugby is a tad too physical, don’t worry. We’ve come up with a few of our own rugby-inspired games, so that everyone – young and old – can get stuck into a muddy match of rugga. So, round up your friends and family, head outdoors and embrace dirt!


Make a game of rugby your own with our new spin on an old classic, Stuck in The Mud.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1 player has a rugby ball that’s covered in mud. Their objective is to try and touch every other player with the rugby ball.
  • If a player is touched, they are then 'Stuck in the Ruck' and cannot move.
  • A player can only be unstuck when one of their team mates crawls between their legs.
  • Add a time limit so each team has a turn where they swap roles. The team with the most stuck players, wins! 


Diving across the try line, jumping over obstacles (even if that’s your opposition) and getting covered in mud ­– this game is a ton of fun.

Game guidelines:

  • Players must separate into teams.
  • One by one, each team member must complete an obstacle course which can include tackle bags, traffic cones, garden furniture, the dog – whatever works.
  • Once one player dives across the try line, the next player may begin the obstacle course.
  • The first team to finish, wins! 


“The best thing about rugby is that it can be played by all ages and abilities, come rain or shine, it’s about getting outside and having fun!” 

Steve Grainger, Rugby Development Director, RFU 

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