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Pebbles which have been painted so they look like people

How To Make Pebble People

Put your art skills to the test with this fun, quirky craft…

Who needs paper when you have pebbles? Let your kids' artisitic sides come to life by creating a bunch of stone characters.

How to make Pebble People

Grab these materials…

  • A variety of smooth pebbles in all different shapes and sizes
  • Bold coloured acrylic paints and a small paint brush 
  • A pencil
  • Black paint or permanent marker 
  • Varnish (for a finished look)

Start by…

Looking at your pebble pile and choosing the heads of your characters and their bodies.

Pebbles on a purple table cloth with a hand selecting one

Next you…

Take your pencil and draw the outline of your characters' faces and outfits on the pebble's surface.

Hands using a pencil to draw outlines of pebble people onto the pebble


Paint your characters in layers. Start with the white of the eyes, the hair, eyebrows, lips and cheek colour. 

Hand painting the first layers onto the pebble people

After that..

Sketch the body parts like their arms and hands then paint with the base colour. Wait for your characters to dry.

Hand painting colours onto a pebble


Take your black marker or black paint and outline the different features adding detail where you feel. Get creative and give your characters some personality. To give your pebble people a finished look, add a layer of varnish.

Person using a permanent marker to draw details onto their pebble people


How about sticking magnets to the back of your characters so they can live on the fridge? Try it!


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