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Space in a bottle craft

Space In A Bottle

With only a few sparkly materials that you could easily find at home, you can help your kids capture space in a bottle.

Bring the wonders of space indoors! With a few materials and a wild imgaination anything is possible, even capturing stars in a sauce bottle. Try it! 


How to Make Space In A Bottle

Grab these materials…

  • An empty and sterilised sauce bottle with a secure lid or stopper
  • Food colouring options 
  • Cotton wool
  • Glitter
  • A pencil 
  • Mug 
  • Water


Start by…

Filling 1/3 of your empty and sterilised bottle with water. Pick one food colouring and carefully add a few drops!

Child pouring food colouring into a glass bottle which is half filled with water

Next you…

Using your pencil, push enough cotton wool to the bottom of your bottle to soak up the water.

Child putting cotton wool into a glass bottle filled with red water to soak it up


Take a pinch of glitter and add it to the top of your cotton wool in the bottle.

Child pouring glitter into a glass bottle filled with red soaked cotton wool

After that..

Take your mug and add a few drops of a different food colouring, then fill it with water and stir. Grab some more cotton wool and add it to your bottle, pushing it down with a pencil again. Then slowly pour over the new coloured water and let it soak in.

Child adding cotton wool and blue food coloring into a glass bottle for a space bottle craft


Repeat the last step adding glitter in between each cotton wool layer until you've completed your space in a bottle. Put the lid on super tight and – the universe is yours!

Child adding glitter and coloured cotton wool to their space bottle craft
Picture of 2 finished space bottle crafts filled with coloured cotton wool and glitter


Get creative with different colours and layers. Afterall, it's space, anything is possible. 

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