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Rainbow craft being stuck onto a window

Spread Some Cheer

Easy ways to spread some happiness in your community…

Whether it's with your own family or around the community, spreading hapiness and uplifitng people is a much-needed practice right now. That's why we've got a number of simple but effective ways to have more fun, show your support and spread the joy. 


Rainbow Art for A Happy Home

Join others in spreading a little happiness around our neighbourhoods by hanging up a handmade rainbow in one of your windows. It’s a small way of giving people something to smile about as they walk past. Not only is a chance to get crafty and creative with everyone, but it’s a small act of kindness that reminds your neighbours that we’re all in this together. 

Next time you’re on a walk, make a game out it and see who can spot the most rainbows. Rainbow spotting... now that sounds like the perfect way to make your daily walk a happy one.


Letters of Love

Our postmen and women are still hard at work making deliveries every day, so why not write a letter a few times a week to someone (or more than one person) who you miss or who you think might need a bit of cheering up.  

Handwritten letters always feel personal and it’s a heart-warming way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Plus, you can encourage your kids to get artsy with coloured pens, stickers – whatever you want. 

Show someone a little love and post them a letter, go on.


Give our Heroes a Helping Hand

There are plenty of little ways you can show your support for people who are working on the front lines of COVID-19 every day. Doctors, nurses, supermarket staff – the list of people working long hours to help keep us stay safe and protected goes on and on. 

Ask a parent to help you find charities supporting the NHS and donate even a small amount to show your support. Don’t forget hard workers, such as rubbish collectors and postmen and postwomen. Why not make them a thank you card or put your best baking skills to the test and make a batch of cookies.  


Show Some Love for Local Businesses

Having a small business right now is tough. With so much uncertainty, now more than ever our favourite local business needs to know how much we love them. Your favourite pizzeria, local coffee shop, barber – whatever local gem you love to visit, get the whole family involved in writing a rave review about their business. Name what you like about going there, the friendly staff and the great food, service or friendly faces. It’s yet another small act of kindness that doesn’t take very long, but goes a long way. 


Clap for Carers

Clap for our carers – it’s an amazing act of appreciation that took the nation by storm. If you haven’t had a chance to get in on the action, take a look online to find out when the next one is and get everyone ready to have a big round of applause.

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