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garden safari

“We always had really elaborate secret passwords. You can’t have a den without one…”

- Louise Bennett.


Most of us have a fond childhood memory of building some kind of den. Getting the kids outside to build one in the garden will boost their imagination - and they’ll have loads of fun, too. The only question is, will it be a castle, a fortress, a spaceship, a pirate ship or a fancy cafe for bugs?


How do we get started?

  • Anything goes when you’re building a den. Look for a good sized space in the garden or park, and see if you can find any trees or stumps that you can use for support or to build against.

  • Use sticks, branches and old blankets to start building your den. Don’t forget the ‘Keep out!’ sign.


Make your den even better

  • Your den will make the perfect little cafe for passing bugs. All you need is a shallow tray or a saucer to put inside the den, and some smooth, flat stones.

  • Place the saucer on the ground - the closer to flowering plants the better, so bees and butterflies can find it faster. A layer of soil in the bottom will help attract more butterflies, too.

  • Fill the saucer with smooth, flat stones and pour water in the tray until it fills the space between the stones. Be careful not to submerge them, the stones are our cafe seats for the bugs to relax on.

  • Watch carefully to see insects visiting your watering hole for a cool drink on hot days. Remember to top it up if the water evaporates, too.





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