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Two children playing with water outside.

The 5 best outdoor activities for kids around

Sometimes, it’s easy to get younger kids outside. Other days, it can feel like only bribery will coax them out into the daylight and away from screens. This is a guide for those days: with these fun outdoor activities for kids on offer, your little ones won’t be able to resist stepping out of the house to join in. 

Children’s outdoor activities: Ideas for younger kids

These children’s outdoor activities are all suitable for kids aged 4 to 10. For play ideas that appeal to a whole range of ages (even toddlers), check out our kids’ activities hub.

1. Teach your child how to ride a bike – then take trips

This activity will set your child up with a skill for life. And once they’ve mastered the not-falling-off part of cycling, there’s a whole world (if not universe) of family day trips, races, and cross country challenges to enjoy. Prep those training wheels, find a quiet road and get ready for the beginning of an adventure that will see your child cycling on their own two wheels. Need a helping hand? Check out our guide to teaching kids to cycle.

2. Set up a nature scavenger hunt

Ladybirds? Tick. Roses? Tick. A feeling of incredible achievement once you’ve found everything on the list? Tick. Kids and adults alike love a good scavenger hunt, and it’s a great way to teach little ones about nature, as well. Put together a list of plants, bugs, and animals that can easily be found in your garden or local park, and get the family to work as a team to find them. Start off with the park and garden checklist, or draw inspiration from the scavenger hunt clues.

3. Have a water balloon fight

On hot summer days, a water balloon fight is one of the most fun outdoor games for kids around. All you need is a pack of balloons and a tap! Split into two teams and go wild – whoever gets their opponents the most wet reigns supreme. Whatever age you are, it’s sure to bring out your inner child. Find out how to make – and use – water balloons here.

4. Build a den 

When it comes to outdoor play for kids, plenty of parents forget that these activities don’t have to have a goal or a purpose. Sometimes, it’s fun to just set up a blanket fort and spend the day playing endless games of pretend. Whether your self-made den is a formidable medieval castle or an explorer’s jungle camp is up to you, but you can get a few construction tips in our guide on building a blanket fort.

5. Paint with nature

Nature has inspired artists for centuries. The same can be said for young children: they can never resist an activity that lets them get properly messy. Go on a family nature walk to collect leaves, pine cones and sticks, then dip them in massive buckets of paint and print with them. You can use a large piece of paper, fabric or cardboard as your canvas. Just be sure to keep our paint stain removal guide on hand just in case – this is as messy as children’s outdoor activities can get!

Ready to go out and enjoy the day? When the weather is your friend, these outdoor kids’ activities are some of the best possible ways to spend time as a family. You might even struggle to get your little ones to come back indoors!

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