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Cloud Spotting

What can you see in the sky?

Find out with cloud spotting

What is a cloud? Clouds are one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena and sometimes we forget to look up to enjoy them. But this is a great, relaxing way to float off and get lost in your imagination. If only for a moment. 

This activity is a fun things to do on a sunny day. So, head outdoors, find a nice quiet place or a comfy spot on some grass and lie down. Then just start watching the clouds in the sky above you.Look out for all the different shapes they make. You might just spot a pig fly by or fish swimming through the blue.

But, it’s not just animals – there are all kinds of things you might see. You could even try counting the clouds up there. Maybe start learning about the different types of sky clouds next?

There’s lots to learn about those fluffy white things in the sky. A big thanks to Sawday's Canopy & Stars for sharing this activity with us.

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