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Child playing on a rope path

Make A Wild Rope

Rope is great for den building and other explorer activities, and you can make your own from plants in your garden or the woods.

First, find some plants

Such as brambles or nettles

If you can't find anything suitable you can buy some raffia from a DIY store to practise on.

If you're using nettle stems, pick them with gloves on and then put them in water for a short while – that takes the sting out of them.

Once you've got a bunch of them together....

  1. Ask a friend or adult to hold the fibres tight at one end while you hold the other end.
  2. Each of you now needs to twist their end to the right.
  3. Once the fibres start to kink, keep going until they're tight.
  4. Another person needs to hold the middle of the rope when it starts to twist.
  5. The rope will be ready when it starts to curl up.
  6. Now finish your rope by tying a knot at each end.

Thanks to Marina Robb, Victoria Mew and Anna Richardson of the Learning with Nature book for this activity.

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