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Children playing by a pond

Pond Dipping

Nature detectives have all the fun!

You’ll be amazed how much wildlife you can find in your local ponds.


Up for some pond dipping?

Grab your wellies, a net and some buckets or containers and get ready to go exploring!

  • Once you're at the pond, carefully half-fill your buckets or containers with pond water. Take extra care whenever you're near the water's edge as you don't want to fall in – it's best to take an adult with you.
  • Now put your net into the water and sweep it three times in a figure-of-eight shape.
  • Then lift it out of the water and turn it inside out into your container.
  • What can you see?
  • Why not draw your finds?

Explore different parts of the pond the wildlife pond plants and don't forget to look in the air above the pond for insects.

  • Are different areas of the pond home to different types of wildlife?
  • How many different types are there?

Once you've finished, make sure you set them free


You can download pond dipping ID sheets, colouring outlines and crafts from the Woodland Trust's Nature Detectives website.

Thanks to them for this activity.

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