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Boy looking at a spider's web

Spider Web Spy

With lots of different spider species living in gardens, woods and homes, there are many different types of spider webs to investigate.

See how many you can find and what other creepy crawlies have been captured within those silky-strong webs.

Now you can brush up on some cool spider web facts too. There are five common types of spider webs which you can look out for. These are:

  • Spiral orb webs
  • Tangle webs or cobwebs
  • Funnel webs
  • Tubular webs
  • Sheet webs

The easiest to spot are spiral orb webs and cobwebs which you might find in between different types of flowers or in the corners of your ceiling at home.

If you want to get into character and become a real Spider Spy, grab a magnifying glass and take a closer look at the intricate, strong strands of the web. Can you count how many spirals there are? Once you’ve found as many spider webs as you can, try your hand at spider web drawing and draw some of your own and see if your friends can guess what sort of web it is.

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