Two boys with dirt on their face

Why Do We Think "Dirt Is Good"?

Here at Persil we believe dirt is good for kids. Find out about our work with experts on researching the benefits of experimental play for kids here.

Persil is dedicated to showing you that dirt isn’t always bad.

In fact, Dirt is Good - especially when it’s the result of your kids going out into the world to have fun, explore, learn and experience the very best the world around us has to offer. Not only will this help develop kids’ understanding of their world, the environment and nature, it will also shape their values, grow their confidence, benefit their health and ultimately help them reach important milestones.

Working with leading academic experts in child development, we have dedicated ourselves to researching the value and benefits of experiential learning. We continually interview parents and their kids across the globe about nature, values, education, child development, hopes, dreams, the environment, the future and, of course, dirt.

With all of this knowledge and in collaboration with Dr Dorothy Singer and Dr Jerome Singer of Yale University, over the past four years Persil has published two whitepapers (Giving Our Children the Right to be Children; Children and Nature) and two global studies (Have a Go and Mamma Mia) on the subject of experiential learning and child development. In addition, the Drs Singer have provided commentary for a series of short films Persil has produced to support the research.

As you might expect, the full results of these extensive studies are weighty, so we have broken them down into easy-to-read nuggets to make it quick for you to digest them, share with friends and add your comments.

Do you have a story you can share? What do you believe are the benefits when children learn through experience? Do your kids enjoy being outside? Join the Persil conversation.