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Fruit and yoghurt for making homemade ice lollies.

Show Your Workings: How to Make Homemade Ice Lollies

The real benefit to a child’s development through creating or cooking something like homemade ice lollies is the learning how. And that shows in their ‘workings’: the ingredients, the putting it together, the working it out. Teachers are always keen to see children’s workings in maths books, and they have a good point. Because no matter what the end result, it’s what they put into it that really matters and contributes to their development.

In the case of the ‘fruity freezers’ recipe here, the workings are the choosing of ingredients, preparing them with you, working through the steps, and learning how to create something healthy and delicious. As they tuck into the fruity freezer they’ve made, they’ll seem an inch taller just for feeling proud of themselves.  

Healthy ice lolly recipes for kids: Fruity Freezers

A gloriously refreshing treat on a hot day, and packed full of nutritious ingredients, fruity freezers are easy for you to make with your kids, and they can get more and more experimental with flavours and fruits.

Ingredients for our healthy ice lolly recipe

  • Small pots of yoghurt: vanilla or natural
  • Some of your favourite fruit. Strawberries, bananas, mangos and pineapples all work well – use whatever is in season or easy to get hold of
  • Plastic spoon
  • Small bowl
  • Chopping board
  • Table knife
  • Space in the freezer

How to make ice lollies for kids: Workings

  • Open the yoghurt pot and empty the yoghurt into the bowl. Wash and dry your yoghurt pot – you need this to make your fruity freezer.
  • Carefully slice the fruit into small pieces.
  • Arrange slices of fruit in the bottom of your clean yoghurt pot, then add a layer of yoghurt. Continue to layer fruit and yoghurt until you fill the pot.

Stain removal tip: By this stage, you might well notice all manner of different coloured fruity, yoghurt smears on your kids’ T-shirts, but not to worry. Fruit and food stains aren’t difficult to get out. Just rinse straight away with cold water, and then wash with Persil Small & Mighty biological detergent when they are finished. Easy. Don’t let it keep you from the next stage of the recipe:

  • Put the pot in the freezer until it’s slightly frozen.
  • Take it out and place your plastic spoon in the centre (like a lolly stick) and then put it back in the freezer.
  • Leave to freeze for several hours. The process of working with you through these steps –from chopping up the fruit to carefully layering it with the yoghurt, and the waiting and observing of the freezing process – develops a child’s ability to co-operate, and work within different roles towards a goal.


When you are ready to taste your fruity freezer take it out and leave it to stand for a minute or so. You’ll then find it slides right out of the yoghurt pot and you can eat it like a lolly. And there you have it. Ta dah! A deliciously refreshing homemade ice lolly, packed full of nutritious fruit.

Of course, the real result is more than that. It’s the confidence and ability of your child gained through making something. Those results live a lot longer than it takes to eat a yummy fruity freezer, and certainly go deeper than a mango stain on a T-shirt.

Did you have a go at our how to make homemade ice lollies recipe with your little one? If so, share your results and let us know any suggestions for similar activities that help children create something and develop their skills as they go along.

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