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A mother with a baby wrapped in a white towel.

Baby's Laundry – How to Wash Baby Clothes

A new baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adults so it’s good to know a few tips and tricks when it comes to washing baby clothes to ensure your little one's clothes are extra soft!  


How to wash baby clothes

  • Choose a detergent suitable for baby skin. Persil small & might Non-Bio is designed to provide powerful cleaning, yet still be kind to delicate skin making it ideal for washing baby clothes.
  • Read the care labels. Tiny items of baby clothing have care labels on them too! As with any clothes, always read the care label for washing guidelines.
  • Wash at the temperature recommended on the label. Although just because a garment can withstand higher temperatures, it doesn’t mean it has to be washed at that maximum temperature. Washing at 30 is kinder to the environment yet still warm enough to get clothes brilliantly clean. Persil small & mighty Non-Bio works effectively at 30 degrees.
  • Pre-treat tough stains. Baby stains are often messy, so scoop or wipe up as much of the stain as possible before pre-treating the area. The Persil Stain Eraser Ball is great for pre-treating stains with a little bit of neat liquid detergent. For advice on treating specific baby stains, click here.
  • Use a fabric conditioner. Softened fabrics are kinder to skin. A fabric conditioner lik Comfort Pure keeps fibres smoother so baby clothes feel softer. Its delicate fragrance and hypoallergenic formula make it perfect for sensitive baby skin. For usage instructions, consult the product label. To find out more visit the Comfort World website.


Everyday tips for baby laundry

  • Try to buy clothes that are machine washable rather than hand wash
  • Choose soft, natural fabrics, such as cotton, for clothes and bedding
  • Avoid wool next to baby skin
  • Use layers of clothes so that you can easily take a layer off, or add a layer so that they don’t get too hot or cold


Should I wash baby clothes before use?

Yes! If you’re an expectant parent, before your baby is born it’s a good idea to get prepared and wash all baby clothes, blankets, and any other washable items that may come in contact with their skin.

When babies first enter the world, their skin hasn’t toughened up yet, like ours, so is very sensitive and could easily be irritated by scratchy fabrics or any irritants that materials may have picked up in store. Washing baby clothes using the above tips can help you protect your babies’ skin and keep them comfortable. You should continue to wash any new baby clothes or items you buy before your baby wears even as they move out of the newborn stage.  

Every parent knows that babies – newborns or older – can be very, very messy! With clothes washing quickly becoming a daily, or even more frequent chore, it’s important to use a laundry detergent specially designed to handle baby messes and stains. Find out more about using Persil Non-Bio for baby’s laundry here. You can also find lots more helpful tips on washing baby clothes at

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