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A girl, wearing a school uniform and pink rucksack, running.

Back to school laundry tips: How to wash a blazer

Even though the school holidays may seem hectic, there is perhaps no busier time for parents than those last few days before term starts over again. From making sure all the homework is done to stocking up on healthy packed lunch ingredients; from buying new stationery to washing blazers, it can almost seem like there’s a never ending list of things that need doing.

At Persil, we know just how disordered and frenzied those last few days of the holidays can be, which is why we’re here to lend a helping hand when it comes to getting school uniforms clean. Here’s how to wash a blazer ­– the stress-free way!  


Can you wash blazers in the washing machine?

We all want our kids’ blazers to have a long life span, but that doesn’t mean we need to be treading on eggshells around them. Believe it or not, blazers are actually quite hardy, and machine washing is a fast and efficient way to remove all those ink, food, and grass stains. Here’s how to wash a school blazer in the washing machine:  

  • Before you start, always check the care labels on the garments. Many blazers are made from polyester which is very simple to wash but some might be made from wool which needs a little extra care and attention.
  • If the blazer can be machine washed, ensure all pockets are empty and wash at a cooler temperature than you normally would – this helps to reduce stress on the blazer, prolonging its life span. It’s great for keeping the colours fresh, too.
  • Knowing the material of the blazer is great for choosing the best laundry product for the job. For polyester, Persil small & mighty Colour can help keep those blacks or blues sharp while wool blazers would benefit from the gentle Persil Silk & Wool.
  • Some blazers can be tumble dried, but again it’s best to check the label. If possible, try to avoid tumble drying a blazer too often, and dry it naturally if you can. This can help to prevent shrinkage – the last thing your ever-growing kids need!

If your kids’ blazers are made of wool and cannot be machine washed, don’t panic! Washing blazers at home is still possible. It’s worth trying a DIY dry cleaning kit that removes the hassle – and cost – of taking your child’s blazer to the dry cleaners every time they pick up a stain so see if you can pick one up.  


Can you iron a blazer?

Once you know how to wash a blazer at home, you’ll also need to know how to iron one, after all, the washing machine can leave a blazer quite crinkly, no matter what the fabric. Banish creases and smarten up your kids’ blazers with a quick iron; just remember to always check the blazer’s care label first to ensure it can be ironed. Here’s how to iron a blazer:  

  1. Use a cooler, or a ‘cool-warm’ setting if your iron has one, as high heats could damage the blazer. If the blazer is embroidered, turn it inside out before ironing.
  1. Depending on your preferences, you may find it best to lay a clean cloth between the blazer and the iron to minimise that classic ‘iron shimmer’ that can often occur.
  1. The technique you use is really up to you, although many people prefer ironing blazers by starting at the shoulders and moving down to the sleeves, then the body.
  1. Once finished, hang the blazer up to avoid creases forming.

The good news about blazers is that they do not need to be washed that often. In fact, because the blazer isn’t worn directly against the skin, where it can easily pick up sweat stains and smells, it really only needs to be washed when it becomes stained or dirty. However, it’s always best to give it a little freshen up during the school holidays to make sure it looks great on that all-important first day back.   Follow our back to school tips, for more advice on preparing for the new school term.

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