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A girl getting dirty splashing around in a muddy puddle.

How to Clean Wellies – Tips & Tricks

Regardless of whether you live in the countryside or in a more urban setting, taking long walks through fields, forests and parks is always a fun and invigorating family activity. Little explorers will love jumping into nests of crunchy leaves and puddles, meaning those wellies are likely to get extra muddy.

So that the mess doesn’t get in the way of the fun, we’ve put together some simple tips on how to clean wellington boots so that you and your family can focus on those important outside adventures.


Cleaning wellies: the exterior

The first step of cleaning wellington boots should focus on the outside. After all, this is where all that caked dirt is going to be found.

  1. Start by brushing any bits of dried dirt that are easy to remove. Leave any old patches that don’t come away easily. You might want to do this outside or over some old newspaper to avoid giving yourself another cleaning job on your floors!
  2. Next, soak a cloth in warm water and work your way down each boot from the top. Don’t worry too much if some mud is left on the boot after this step.
  3. Soak another cloth in a soapy solution made from a teaspoonful of washing-up liquid and a litre of water and repeat the above step. Work in a circular motion from the top to the bottom. If you’ve got some stubborn mud still sticking to the boot, it’s worth spending some extra time rubbing it off now.
  4. Turn your boot upside down and use a soft brush (a toothbrush is perfect) to get bits of mud out of the soles, dipping it in the soapy liquid and brushing back and forth gently while taking care not to damage the soles.
  5. Finish the job by wiping the boots down with water and a clean cloth. It’s important to get the soap off all areas of the boot when cleaning wellies to avoid any damage or marks.


Cleaning wellington boots: the interior

With your boots nice and clean on the outside it is time to look at the interior. Sometimes the boot lining needs a little TLC from to prevent unpleasant smelly wellies.

  1. Make a cleaning solution with warm water and a little non-bio detergent such as Persil liquid.
  2. Dip a cloth or rag in the solution and rub the inside of the boot. Dip another cloth in plain, warm water and wipe off the solution.
  3. Leave your boots to dry naturally. If smells persist then you can leave a little bicarbonate of soda in them overnight – it’s a great natural deodoriser!

Top tip: You can also mix equal parts hot water and white vinegar and either rub or spray it on the inside of your boots if smells persist. The natural acids in the vinegar will get rid of any lingering smells.


How to dry wellies

Wondering how to dry wellies once you’ve finished cleaning them? The best thing for wellington boots is to let them dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Avoid the temptation of putting them by a radiator or sticking a hair dryer down them and instead put them in a dry and airy place.

Top tip: after cleaning wellington boots, stuff them with old newspaper to soak up excess fluid and help them dry faster.


How to clean wellies ‘blooming’

Sometimes wellington boots can develop a white marbled pattern known as ‘blooming’. This is actually a sign that your wellies are of good quality natural rubber, but not everyone is a fan of the marble effect.

If you want to get your boots back their original shiny look, you can either use a commercial spray for wellington boots or try rubbing a couple of drops of olive oil into the boot with a clean cloth. Remember to try this in an inconspicuous place before treating the whole boot.


Learning how to clean wellies

With these handy tips, learning how to clean and dry wellies couldn’t be easier – but our help doesn’t end there! If your little ones get into the house before removing their dirty wellies then read our tips on removing muddy footprints. And if you pick up a few other outdoor stains during your adventures then our advice on removing mud stains and grass stains from clothes could be just what you need.

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