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Modern Fabrics

From your Tactel® underwear to your Tencel™ dress: clothes made out of modern fabrics often require a bit of extra care. Generally, these light fabrics should be washed on a lighter cycle at a lower temperature: just check the care label on the garment for advice. Not sure what all the different symbols mean? Our comprehensive wash care symbol guide is here to help you out. If you’re looking for more specific advice on washing Cupro™ or Tactel®, look no further. Let us take you through the best ways to wash different types of modern fabrics, while sharing advice on what laundry detergent to use and how to keep your clothes from wrinkling.

How to wash Cupro™

Cupro™ is made from either plant fibres or dissolved cotton, and is often used as an alternative to silk. Where light colours can be washed on a normal, warm (not hot!) cycle, it’s better to stick to cold water when washing dark coloured Cupro™ fabrics. Avoid drying Cupro™ in the tumble dryer: keeping the fabric crease free is much easier when line drying it using clothespins.

How to wash Tencel™

This delicate, light fabric is a type of rayon and can usually – unless the care label says otherwise – be machine washed. When washing Tencel™, set your machine on a light, gentle cycle and use a fabric conditioner, such as Comfort, to reduce creasing and maintain the appearance of the fabric.

How to wash Tactel®

When washing microfibers such as Tactel®, it’s a good idea to sort them according to their colour and how dirty they are. In most cases, this type of modern fabric can be machine washed at a low temperature and in a low agitation programme, but it’s recommended to double check the care label on the garment before deciding on your method.

Note: Trimmings on garments can affect how they should be washed or what product should be used. For example, if a garment has a leather collar, the care label may say ‘Dry Clean Only’ even if the rest of the garment is washable.

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