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A pile of folded denim jeans.

How to Wash Jeans

Most children have at least one denim item, be it a skirt, a jacket, or a pair of jeans – these faithful wardrobe staples are perfect for scrambling around and having fun in. Concerns over the potential fading of denim clothes with frequent washes shouldn’t stop you from letting them explore, play, and get dirty in the process.

Armed with Persil Colour Care (which will protect and rejuvenate colours) and this guide to washing jeans, you’ll know how to wash jeans and preserve their colour with simple, easy tricks and tips. There’ll be no need to worry about washing jeans whenever they need a good clean – so you can keep your denim fresh and bright.  


Washing Jeans 101

It is often said that denim should be washed as infrequently as possible to prevent the colour fading and prolong durability. But kids wouldn’t be kids if they didn’t come home with a new mark or stain on their clothes on a frequent basis!

The freedom to play outdoors has benefits that far outweigh the potential risk of a stain, and, whether it be painting, playing in the mud, or getting stuck in in the kitchen, your child should be able to wear their favourite pair of jeans whilst they explore – without giving you a headache over washing their denim.  


4 Essential Tips for Washing Jeans

So, how do you know how often to wash jeans? Providing there are no stains requiring urgent treatment, the aim is to wash jeans every 4-5 wears. When you do wash them, it’s important to take steps to ensure that they come out of the machine in the best possible condition:  

  • Check your labels. With so many different dyes and treatments being applied to denim these days, no pair is truly alike. So be sure to read the care label recommendations and product instructions before washing or cleaning your family’s jeans and denim clothing, and to test any new products on a hidden part of the garment before using them.
  • Wash jeans with care. There are a few things you can do to minimise colour loss in the wash. The first, and most essential, is to choose a detergent designed for use on coloured clothes – some brands of detergent include whiteners and brighteners that gradually fade bright and dark colours.Using a specially designed washing detergent, such as Persil Colour Care capsules, liquid, or powder, helps keep your clothes vibrant – making the cleaning process as safe as possible for coloured jeans while remaining fuss-free.Persil Colour Care will help to protect your colours and rejuvenate them, too.
  • Wash inside out. You’d be surprised how much difference this can make! Turn your jeans, jackets, and skirts inside out and do up and buttons or zips to keep them from catching on other clothes.
  • Spot clean light stains. When appropriate, it can be very effective to sponge clean any marks or light stains with cold water as soon as they appear, so that your jeans need washing slightly less often. When stains do occur, most will be dealt with effectively by the tough stain removal power of a Persil Colour Care capsule, liquid, or a dose of powder in a washing machine cycle.


How to Wash Black Jeans

Washing black jeans is the same as with any other colour of denim: wash them inside out every 4-5 wears. However, extra care should be taken to prevent fading, as this can be very noticeable on dark denim. It’s particularly important to be careful about how you dry black jeans: make sure that they are placed in the shade when drying naturally, and never leave them in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

Although this tip is applicable to washing all jeans, it’s particularly important when cleaning black jeans that you use colour-friendly products, reading the recommendations on the label before using any product, and being sure to only wash black jeans with other dark colours.  


Targeting Stains on Jeans

When stains are stubborn or tough, you can use our Solve Your Stain removal tips section to find the best way to target specific stains, reading the care instructions on your clothes and bearing in mind that denim is made with cotton, occasionally with a small elastic component. Some of the most common jean stains include:  

  • Grass – To remove grass stains from jeans, rub the stained area with neat detergent liquid before putting into the washing machine straight away. Try to use a mild detergent to protect your denim.
  • Water-based paint – Rinse the stain immediately with cold water before the paint dries, and wash out all traces of the unwanted colour before popping in the washing machine.
  • Chocolate – Put the jeans in the fridge until the chocolate hardens and then scrape it off with a blunt knife, always scraping away from your body. Put them in the washing machine as usual, using a biological detergent where possible, as the enzymes in the bio variant will help to target chocolate stains.

Do you have any other advice about washing jeans? Share your experiences in the comments below!  

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