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How to Get Foundation Out of Clothes

If you’ve ever had a last-minute change of clothes before leaving the house, after putting on make-up, you’ve probably wondered how to remove foundation from clothes after realising your freshly made-up face has rubbed off on your outfit.

Though foundation stains are very visible, even on coloured clothing, they can actually be removed with the right products and some elbow grease. Here are a few tips for how to remove makeup stains, including foundation and concealer. Be sure to always check instructions on the garment’s care label and try any pre-treatments in an inconspicuous area before removing makeup stains or any other stubborn marks.


How to remove make-up stains (oil-based)

When removing make-up stains, it’s best to always blot the stain with some paper first to remove any excess product. Pre-treat the stain with some Persil liquid using the Stain Eraser Ball to work in the detergent. Leave the laundry liquid to work for up to 30 minutes and then just wash on a normal temperature (as suggested on the care label) with similar colours.


How to remove make-up from clothes (oil-free)

If you want to know how to remove make-up from clothes and the product is not oil-based, you can try the shaving cream solution. As always, blot with a piece of kitchen paper or tissue first!

Pre-treat the stain with shaving cream and rub it into the fibre of the fabric so that it begins to lather. Wash off the shaving cream with cold water; if the stain is still there, rub some more shaving cream into the garment and wash it off with warm water this time.

Finally, wash as normal using a good quality laundry liquid that has stain removal properties, such as Persil Bio liquid. This should get rid of the stain. Who knew you could remove makeup stains using shaving cream!


Remove make-up stains in powder form

Removing make-up stains caused by foundation powder or powder blush is much easier than any liquid products, but it still demands a little bit of love and work.

Start by brushing the excess powder off the garment. You want as little product as possible to remove. Next, mix a little laundry liquid, such as Persil liquid, with water and work the solution into the stain. Leave the solution to work for a few minutes (up to half an hour) and wash with similar colours at the temperature recommended on the garment’s care label.

If your stained garment is white, it’s always a good idea to let it dry naturally in the sun to get some extra help with bleaching the stain out. You want to avoid putting the garment in the tumble dryer or on a radiator until you have checked that the stain is completely gone, as heat might set it and make it very difficult to remove afterwards.

So, next time you get some sparkly eyeshadow, primer or highlighter on your outfit don’t forget to follow our advice and share your success stories with us.

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