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A young child, sucking a spoon, with chocolate ice cream all over their face.

How to Remove Chocolate Ice Cream Stains

Image by Colin Gordon

Kids can get into a right mess with ice cream! And chocolate ice cream, with its dark brown stains, can cause the biggest mess of all. But don't worry, with this handy guide you can learn how to remove chocolate ice cream stains from clothing, so you won’t dread the next time your child’s choc-ice starts to melt. This article will provide useful advice on what to do and what to avoid when treating ice cream stains – including tips on using Persil small & mighty Bio for brilliant ice cream stain removal.  


How to Remove Ice Cream Stains: Step-by-Step

Once that chocolate ice cream hits your child’s shirt, you’ll know what to do if you follow our guide below.

Before you begin:

  • Scoop away as much of the ice cream as possible – Do this carefully and make sure not to rub or press the ice cream deeper into the fabric. Then, you’re ready to start the stain removal process.
  1. Flush the stain with cold water – Rinse a strong stream of cold water through the reverse side of the stain, to help flush it out.
  2. Apply neat Persil small & mighty Bio — The Stain Eraser Ball makes it super easy to measure out, apply, and work Persil small & mighty Bio into the stained fabric. Remember to always test any stain removal solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the garment first.
  3. Wash at 30 degrees with Persil small & mighty Bio — Even with a quick wash, this temperature should be efficient if used alongside the right product.
  4. Check if the stain has been removed— If not, repeat or consider our pre-soaking tip below. Don’t iron or tumble-dry the item at high heat until the stain is entirely gone.


Chocolate Ice Cream Stains: A few important tips

In an ideal world, a chocolate ice cream accident would take place in your own home, with your supply of Persil small & mighty Bio nearby. But too often you’re on a picnic or at the beach, where you’re unable to do much about it! Regardless of where you are when the ice cream starts dripping, here’s a few handy tips to follow:

  • Act quickly – A fresh ice cream stain will be much easier to remove than one that’s had more time to set into the fabric.
  • Always use cold or cool water – Hot water can actually help set the stain into the fabric, which is a no-no! If you can’t flush the stain right away, dab at it with cool water.
  • Use hand-soap if laundry liquid is not in reach — If you can’t access Persil small & mighty Bio, rub some hand-soap into the stained fabric for the time being, until you can get to a proper laundry detergent.
  • Read garment care labels – Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing clothing. This includes the correct wash temperatures and dry-clean only instructions.
  • Pre-soak old stains – If you’ve discovered an old stain, consider applying neat Persil small & mighty Bio and soaking it for a few hours in cool water before tossing it into the washing machine.

So, now you know how to remove ice cream stains from clothes, wherever you might be!   Of course, a chocolate ice cream stain might not be the only stain your kids pick up after a picnic in the park!

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