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How to Remove Vomit Stains from Clothes

Washing vomit out of clothes is an inevitable part of being a parent. It’s definitely not the most pleasant job in the world, but we can help to make things a little less dreary by using the right cleaning products and the best techniques to ensure effective vomit stain removal. To find out how to remove vomit stains, just follow these instructions.


How to remove vomit stains?

The key to learning how to remove vomit stains from clothes is to act fast. We know this can be difficult – especially if you have a poorly child, it’s the middle of the night, and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. However, tackling a stain quickly is one of the best ways to get clothes clean.

For the best results, follow these key steps:

  • To remove vomit stains, start by removing as much excess vomit as possible from the clothing. There’s a number of different ways you can do this; blotting with paper towels or rinsing the clothing in cold water are popular choices.
  • If you’re washing vomit out of clothes that are white, it’s a good idea to pre-treat the stain with a stain remover or a bit of detergent. This can help to draw out any proteins in the fabric, helping the washing machine to do its job.
  • While some laundry detergents are OK, many are not up to the job of vomit stain removal. If you’re tired and trying to comfort a sick child, you’ll want a product you can count on to remove the sick stains. Stick to a good quality detergent like Persil that is known for its stain removal.
  • Although it’s often recommended that stains are washed at a lower temperature, (such as 30°C) vomit stain removal is a little different. Using a higher temperature can help to help kill off any bacteria that may be on the clothing. You don’t need to go too extreme though – 40°C should be enough.
  • Some experts advise using a cup of bleach in the wash to remove vomit stains because it’s a powerful disinfectant. However, many mums and dads don’t like using bleach due to the risks involved. On coloured clothes on particular, this step could cause more damage then you started with! Instead, try the alternative of white vinegar. It can help lift stains and is a colour preserver too.

Always give the clothing a thorough check when it comes out of the washing machine to ensure effective vomit stain removal. If it’s still discoloured, repeat the steps once more.


How to remove vomit smell from clothes?

When it comes to how to get sick out of clothes, it’s not just the stains you need to be concerned with —  it’s the smells, too. Here’s how to remove vomit smell from clothes:

  1. To remove vomit smell from clothes that smell very strongly of sick, it’s a good idea to try and absorb as much of the odour as possible before washing. There’s actually a very easy way to do this – just cover the stain in an absorbent powder, like baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt or baby powder. When you can see that the powder has become wet, that’s a good sign that it has done its job.
  2. Remove the powder using a spoon (being gentle on the fabric).
  3. Wash the item in the machine on a normal cycle. You may want to add a little fabric softener or use a detergent with added softener or scents to give your clothes an extra boost if the smell was very strong.


How to get sick out of clothes when you’re out and about

As any parent knows, children don’t always get sick in the most convenient of places. Always be prepared with these three great tips for managing vomit stains when you’re out and about:

  1. Make sure you have plenty of tissues. This can help minimise the amount of sick that gets on clothing and remove as much vomit as possible from the fabric.
  2. Always carry wet wipes. If you’re not near any water, a wet wipe can help you to remove some of the stain and act as a stop gap until you can get back home.
  3. Change clothes and place dirty items in a bag. This will help everyone feel more comfortable and help to enclose that horrid sick smell. Make sure you tie the bag up tightly and avoid washing soiled clothes in a public sink – it could end up spreading germs and bacteria.

Got any more unpleasant stains to deal with? Check out Persil’s laundry tips to make your life a little easier.


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