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Young girl with muddy hands and knees playing with grass and leaves.

Persil Power: 5 Common Stains Our Detergents Remove Easily

Every household is different, but we’ve all got a few things in common – like the fact that some stains are inevitable. Especially where little ones are concerned. At Persil, we believe that Dirt is Good so we don’t want the fear of stains to put you off getting outside and experiencing new things. Our detergents help make light work of even the most annoying stains – like the five mentioned below – and are still kind on skin. It’s all part of the Persil power promise.  


Grass stains

A day out in the park is fun at any age, but who hasn’t come home with those greenish-brown stains on their knees at least once or twice? You can find full details on how to remove grass stains here, but here’s how Persil’s power can help:

  1. Soften the stain by soaking the garment in cold water – grass stains are protein-based so hot water will only set the stain and make it harder to remove
  2. Apply a small amount of Persil liquid to the stain and gently rub
  3. Wash as usual.


Mud stains

Splashing through puddles is a time-honoured way to enjoy the great outdoors, but cleaning up afterwards can be a little daunting. Thankfully, mud is actually one of the easiest stains to remove - especially with the power of Persil stain removal at your disposal.

  1. Leave the clothing to dry, and then gently brush off as much of the mud as possible – use a spoon if it’s really caked on, and then a soft-bristled brush or old toothbrush
  2. Use your Persil liquid dosing ball to apply some detergent to the stain as a pre-treatment. Rub it into the affected area and leave for a minute to let that Persil power really get to work
  3. Pop the clothes in the washing machine and wash as usual.

You can find more information on removing mud stains here.  


Blood stains

Everyone knows that accidents happen, and part of being a parent means cleaning up cuts and scrapes while wiping away any little tears. This can sometimes mean we’re left with blood stains to get rid of – here’s how to use Persil to do it.

  1. Use cold water to flush the stain – this is best done as soon as possible, so if the stain has been drying for a few hours then you might want to pre-soak the fabric. Do this in a solution of cold water and a little salt
  2. Treat the stain with Persil liquid
  3. Wash as usual.

Want a little more detail? Read the full instructions on how to remove blood stains from clothes.  


Tomato sauce stains

It’s always wonderful when your little one takes an interest in what’s going on in the kitchen, but as one of the messiest rooms in the house there’s bound to be a few stains to deal with. Tomato sauce is one of the biggest stain culprits, especially when you’re wearing white, but with Persil’s powerful stain removal, there’s no need to worry.

  1. Act as quickly as you can – remove as much of the excess sauce as possible with a blunt knife or spoon
  2. Apply a small amount of Persil liquid to the stain and gently rub in with the dosing ball
  3. Wash as usual – the power of Persil liquid Bio will get stains like these out even on a 30°C cycle!


Grease and oil stains

Whether you’ve been out in the garage, or just enjoyed a juicy burger, grease and oil stains can wreak havoc on your clothes. There are a few ways of treating these stains so we’ve listed the most-effective method using the power of Persil.

  1. Rinse in hot water
  2. Apply a small amount of Persil liquid to the stain and leave to work for about 30 minutes
  3. Wash at a slightly higher temperature – 40°C – with your normal Persil detergent.


Find out more by reading by reading How to Get Grease Out of Clothes and How to Get Oil Out of Clothes. Got questions about how to remove other types of stain? Read up on the power of Persil or check out our Solve Your Stain guide.

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