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Oranges and a glass of orange juice.

How to Remove Blackcurrant and Orange Juice Stains from Clothes

When your kids come home with a bright orange or purple splodge down their shirt, you are happy that they had fun, but possibly a bit worried about getting rid of the stains! You may have tried various methods of blackcurrant stain removal before and for orange juice stains too, yet still have been left with a bright mark still lurking on your clothing. Don’t worry – these stains can be banished! Persil small & mighty is here to help remove orange juice and blackcurrant juice stains with a bit of stain removal magic.

We know that in everyday life blackcurrant and orange juice stains are hard to avoid. Whether it be from a carton of juice in your child’s lunch box – straws are a nightmare for dripping on clothes – or from a beaker of squash with dinner, the stain can be removed. We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to get juice stains out of clothes so stain removal seems less like hard work and more like magic. Watch as your fruit juice stains vanish!  


Act Fast!

It’s best to act immediately when orange or blackcurrant juice is split and to gently blot up as much of the excess liquid as quickly as possible. Of course, you can’t always treat the stain immediately.

Lunchtimes at school are a prime time for an orange juice stain to occur when you’re not there to take action, and when you’re enjoying a family picnic, blackcurrant juice stains can go unnoticed amongst the fun and games of the day. However, the quicker you begin to treat the stain, the easier it will come out in the wash. So do try to blot the stain as soon as possible, even when you only have a paper napkin to do the job.  


How to Remove Juice Stains from Clothes

Be sure to check the care label on your garment before cleaning the stain, and always test on a small patch of the fabric before treating the whole area. If your item is marked as dry clean only, then take it to a professional.  


Step 1: Rinse any excess liquid from the fabric, being careful not to spread the stain further.  

Step 2: Pre-treat the stain with Persil small & mighty Bio liquid and the Stain Eraser Ball. Persil small & mighty can be used as a pre-treater. Pop the ball out of the bottle, and then pour a small amount of the detergent directly onto the stain using the specially designed Stain Eraser Ball. Do not dilute with water. Then gently rub the area with the bottom of the Stain Eraser Ball. This will loosen the stain and break up any ground-in stains.

Step 3: Wash on a normal cycle at 40 degrees with Persil small & mighty Bio.  

Step 4: After the item has been washed, check the stain has been removed and leave to dry. If you can, dry the item outside in natural sunlight; using a dryer could set in the stain more if it has not completely disappeared. If necessary, repeat the stain removal process before drying.

Stains can often ‘magically’ disappear if you know how, and having some Persil small & mighty on hand is always a help. It’s amazing how such a small Stain Eraser Ball can fight off the toughest stains. Take a peek at our stain removal tips section to find out how to tackle other stubborn stains.  


Have you tried Persil small & mighty for orange juice stains or blackcurrant juice stains?

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