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A spoonful of tomato sauce taken from a bowl.

How to Remove Tomato Stains From Clothing – Like Magic!

Tomato sauce is practically destined to stain your clothing at some point. Either a slightly-too-enthusiastic whack of a ketchup bottle coats the entire plate (and your lap), or a wayward strand of spaghetti wriggles off a fork. What parent hasn’t spent time scrubbing an orangey-red tomato sauce stain, wishing the mark would just magically disappear?  

Actually, as wishes go, that’s not quite as impossible as it seems. We’ve found that with swift action and a trusty bottle of Persil small & mighty, you can treat ketchup and tomato sauce stains in the washing machine. You might find it hard to convince your kids you aren’t really a magician! Here’s how to remove tomato stains from clothing:  


How to Get Tomato Stains Out of Clothes

Before you start: the world is full of marvellous fabrics, and not all of them can be treated using the method for removing tomato stains below. Delicate, hand-wash, or dry clean only materials may need special treatment – consult our stain removal tips section and always check the wash care symbols on your garment label before you start the process.  


You will need:

  • 1 bottle of Persil small & mighty bio (with the stain eraser ball)
  • A washing machine
  • Nothing else (really).
  1. First things first: act fast. Scrape off as much of the tomato sauce as possible (this could be a pasta sauce or the condiment – this method explains how to remove ketchup stains as well) with a blunt knife or spoon.
  2. Here’s the magical part: pop the stain eraser ball out of your small & mighty bottle and use it to pour a small amount of neat laundry liquid onto the stain. Then use the bobbly underside of the ball to rub the mark in a circular motion, gently dislodging the stain.
  3. Now to launder your garment! Load up your washing machine, fill your stain remover ball up with the recommended dosage (check the label to be certain) and place it on top of your clothes in the drum for the best results. Wash as usual on the temperature and cycle settings suggested on the care label.
  4. Check to see if the stain has gone before drying. The mark should have magically disappeared, but if it’s particularly stubborn, repeat the process above before you allow it to dry. If possible, dry outdoors in the sunlight.

There you have it: just pop, pour, and rub, and removing tomato stains from clothes is easy. Enjoy tomato sauce on spaghetti, as a condiment, and even let the kids go wild with it, all without worrying about stains – magic!

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