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Fresh Red Strawberries

Removing Fruit Stains: From Blueberry Stains to Strawberry Stains

and everything in between

Image by Charles Starrett

Berries are full of essential nutrients and can be a great addition to a child's five a day! However, the stains they can cause are far less pleasant than their taste. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Do strawberries stain?’ – the answer is a resounding yes. Thankfully, these stains don’t have to be permanent! With Persil small & mighty bio and a few handy tips, you can help lift most of those colourful stains caused by your favourite fruits and berries, and even achieve full stain removal for blueberry and strawberry stains in a normal 40 degree wash.  

This guide provides step-by-step solutions for fruit stain removal, including advice on using Persil small & mighty bio and the Stain Eraser Ball. So you’ll soon know how to remove raspberry stains, blueberry stains, and all fruit stains in between!  

General Tips for Fruit Stain Removal

If you want to know how to get rid of blueberry stains and all other fruit stains, the cardinal rule is to act as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to treat a stain, the more difficult it will be to remove! But if you’re out and it’s not the most convenient time to change your child’s clothes, you can still take a few precautions that will make the stain easier to treat later on.

First, soak up as much of the fruit juice as you can by dabbing at it with a napkin or cloth. Then try to keep the stain moist by dabbing it gently with clean, cool water until you’ve reached a place to properly treat it. Finally, remember to protect any other layers of clothing or fabric underneath – you don’t want that dark blueberry stain getting onto any other clothes!  

How To Remove Strawberry Stains and Other Fruit Stains

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to follow, once you’ve been able to take off the stained clothing and have the time to treat it properly:

  1. Flush out the stain from the reverse side of the fabric – The easiest way to do this is to hold the stain under a strong stream of running water. Direct the water onto the reverse side of the stain, so the water can help drive the fruit juice out from the fabric.
  2. Apply Persil small & mighty – Using the handy Stain Eraser Ball, apply a small amount of Persil small & mighty directly to the stained fabric. Gently rub the dimpled end of the Stain Eraser Ball into the fabric, to work the detergent further in.
  3. Wash the item on a normal cycle with Persil small & mighty – Check the garment care label first to see what temperatures the garment can withstand. 40 degrees is ideal, but follow the care label instructions to ensure you don’t damage the item. Dry-clean only items should be taken to a professional.
  4. Check to see if the stain is gone – If it isn’t, repeat Step 2 and consider soaking the item in a bowl of cool water for a few hours. If the stain’s still there, toss it into the washing machine again for another cycle.
  5. Air dry the item in natural sunlight – The sun can help remove traces of fruit stains. Don’t tumble-dry the item if there’s any trace of the stain left, as the high heat can set the stain into the fabric.

  With this guide, removing raspberry stains from clothes – along with any other fruit stains – ­ should be a breeze. So don’t worry the next time your kid smashes a strawberry into his or her white T-shirt – Persil small & mighty is here to help.   Have you had a fruit juice disaster, too? Learn how to remove fruit juice stains from clothes here.

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