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Keeping Your Family Safe with Persil

The safety of your family is of the highest importance to us here at Persil – it’s as important as providing you with the best washing and stain removal results. To ensure that you and your little ones stay safe and sound we have made changes to some of our packaging. So how can the safety of laundry detergent packaging be improved, you may wonder. Well, for starters, by introducing the new Persil packaging we wanted to make it easier for you to know how best to store it. On top of that, we wanted to make the packs look less attractive to your children – we know, after all, how much they like to play!

Persil capsules – and all our other products for that matter – are perfectly safe to handle when used properly. But if your little ones do play with them, they could burst and cause irritation to eyes and skin. So, because we know how curious kids can be, it’s important to keep all Persil packaging out of reach or even out of sight. Children won’t be tempted to play with something they can’t see, so that way, everyone stays happy.

At Persil we want to make doing laundry easier for you, which is why all of our products now include a range of safety icons. Functioning as a simple reminder of what safety guidelines you should keep in mind when using our products, these icons will help you decide where to store it, how to store it and how to recycle the empty packaging. Please see below for a quick overview of the safety icons you might find on our packaging, and all their different meanings.

If you are ever in any doubt about Persil’s safety guidelines, don’t hesitate to call our customer care line, or for more information, please take a look at our online safe storage and usage tips.

Don't re-use packaging for other purposesStore in a locked cupboardKeep on high shelf

Please use cleaning products safely Keep liquid detergent capsules out of reach of children

Keep away from childrenRinse and dry hands after useClose the lid properlyKeep away from eyes. If product gets into the eyes rinse thoroughly with waterDo not ingest. If product is ingested then seek medical adviceDo not pierce, break or cut

For any queries, please call our Customer Careline on 0800 776 644. If you want to learn more about our safety instructions for laundry capsules, have a look at this article. To find out how our laundry capsules work, this guide will help you out.

Chat live with one of our Persil Careline team from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday

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