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A baby looking in a white chest of drawers.

Laundry Capsules & Child Safety: Keep Your Superhero Safe

Kids learn best by doing and every parent wants their child to have the chance to experience life and learn naturally, even if it means they get messy and stain their clothes!

With Persil washing capsules on hand, there’s no need to worry about the stains they pick up – just check out our tips on using laundry capsules to remove common stains. In the meantime, here you can find helpful information on child safety when it comes to using laundry capsules.  


Home Safety for Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is an unstructured form of learning that encourages children to connect with the world around them through exploring, experiencing, and creating. There’s no need for rules or time limits – it doesn’t even matter if they get messy along the way! This type of learning enables kids to make their first steps towards independence and thinking for themselves with little adult guidance. In turn, this helps them to improve their self-confidence and gain a sense of achievement.

However, even though it’s great to give your kids some independence when discovering new things, like making mud pies or mini gardens, there needs to be safety measures in place in your home. Not everything your child can touch is a toy – although it may look like one to them. Washing capsules may look a lot like interesting, colourful toys or sweets in their eyes.

Therefore, it’s important to store these out of sight and reach of children. It’s also essential to make sure everyone in the family follows the appropriate instructions for storing laundry detergent and other cleaning products that could look inticing to children.

Follow our child safety tips below for advice on handling and storing laundry capsules

Laundry Safety When Using Capsules

  • Keep capsules away from your child. Concentrated forms of laundry detergents, such as capsules may look attractive to your little ones. Keeping laundry capsules in a locked cupboard, out of your child’s sight and reach, will help you prevent your child from coming in contact with capsules and perceiving them as a toy. 
  • Avoid skin contact. Protect your child’s delicate skin by taking a close look at the warning label found on the capsule packaging. You’ll notice that the safety advice states that direct contact with skin might cause rashes and serious irritations. We know children can be curious critters, so it’s important to make sure they do not perceive capsules as toys and so are not tempted to play with them, which could cause the capsule to burst, releasing liquid. 
  • Do not ingest. Young children can be little explorers that love to test out everything and anything by placing it in their mouth, which isn’t always a great idea! Laundry capsules are designed to rapidly dissolve in contact with water or any wet substance. Ensure you do not leave capsules lying around the house where your child may be tempted to pick them up and put them in their mouth, or touch them with wet hands. Check out our picture guide on capsule safety for kids for more detail on what to do if you child does accidentally ingest a capsule or get detergent on their skin.  


Capsule Safety Advice for Kids – Important Points!

  • Always follow the product’s safety instructions carefully
  • Store the laundry capsules in a secure cupboard – out of sight and reach of children
  • Remember to close the lid or pouch properly after each use
  • Keep washing capsules in their original container
  • Always keep an eye on children when they are near the laundry room.

Don’t be afraid to let your kids explore the world around them – just remember to always keep an eye on them, especially when they are near the laundry room, and to store laundry capsules in appropriate places out of their reach and sight. Learning through doing is great for a child’s development, as long as it’s through playing with appropriate child-friendly toys – not capsules. Follow our advice and keep your family safe!

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