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Laundry Capsules

Laundry Capsules - Safety Instructions

Only use laundry detergents to wash clothes! 

Liquid laundry detergent capsules are a convenient and efficient way to wash clothes. The only right way to use them is to place one in your washing machine, on top of your clothes, and always store them out of reach and sight of children. Any other way is not safe. 

Find out how to keep your child safe when using washing capsules for your laundry here.  

Capsule Safety for Kids: How to Store Laundry Detergent & Use Capsules

Store Them Somewhere Your Child Cannot Reach

  • Correct laundry detergent storage is essential, especially with kids in the house. Safety instructions are provided on their packs in order to guarantee the safe use of capsules for your family. Always follow these carefully and store them in a safe place before and after use, and always keep them out of your child’s reach with their label intact.    

Close the Container Properly

  • Every time you use the capsule pack make sure to close the pack properly once you’re finished with it, and store it in a locked cupboard or on a high shelf. Ensure your child is not able to reach or manipulate the container and get hold of the laundry capsules.

Keep Away From Eyes

  • If your child does touch the laundry capsules and they burst, liquid inside them may get into their eyes. If this happens, rinse thoroughly with clean water and contact a doctor if any pain or irritation persists.
  • Remember: always follow the safety instructions on pack labels to prevent your child from coming into contact with capsules.

Do Not Ingest

  • Keep capsules away from children to ensure they do not accidently ingest liquid inside capsules. If you think your child may have ingested even a little bit of detergent, contact a doctor immediately – inform them about how much liquid was ingested, at what time the product was swallowed, the symptoms, if any first-aid measurements were taken, the age and weight of your child, and any known allergies.

Do Not Pierce, Break or Cut

  • If broken, cut or perforated, liquid inside capsules can come in contact with skin, which may result in rashes, skin irritation, or a chemical burn. If this happens, read the emergency information on the product’s label and follow the first-aid instructions Contact your doctor if you are worried about any persistent symptoms.

Dry Hands Before Use

  • Capsules disintegrate when they come in contact with water, wet hands or saliva, since they are designed to dissolve on contact with any liquid. If the skin or the mouth is exposed to their contents, follow the emergency information on the product’s label immediately.

If you carefully follow the instructions on your capsule container’s label, store them wisely, and handle them with the utmost care, you will be able to keep your children safe and prevent them from any kind of contact with capsules. 

Key Safety Instructions to Remember!

  • Always follow the safety instructions provided on the container
  • Store the washing capsules in secure cabinets – out of sight and reach of children
  • Keep all products in their original containers
  • Make sure you securely close the lid or pouch
  • Purchase products in child containers where possible.
  • Immediately contact a doctor or A&E in case your child ingested detergent, even a bit, or got some in their eyes.
  • Do not use the capsules for any purpose other than their intended use, i.e. for washing clothes in a washing machine, following the usage instructions carefully.

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