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A pile of folded baby clothes.

Laundry Lifehacks: 5 Quick & Easy Ways to Organise Clothes

Organising clothes can be simple with these quick and easy lifehacks, even in the smallest of homes or tiniest wardrobes! Whether it’s organising your kids’ clothes or sorting the laundry, we have five tips – laundry lifehacks – for you to help you streamline the laundry process!  


5 Lifehacks for Your Laundry

1. How to Organise Baby Clothes

It’s easy to wash lots of baby clothes all at once with them being so small. However, when it comes to tidying them away you can end up with piles of weeny onesies and tiny t-shirts you don’t know where to put. Also babies grow so quickly that their amount of clothing can double as they get older and bigger in just a matter of months!

To organise baby clothes, follow this simple lifehack:

Use dividers on the wardrobe rail to separate clothes by age, colour, and season. This way you can find the correct size clothing for the right weather easily. This method can also be applied to drawers or boxes with labels. If you have room to keep all your child’s clothes as they grow older, this is a brilliant way to store and sort baby clothes for reuse if you have another new arrival. It’s also a handy method to use if you have two children who share a wardrobe or even twin babies!

All you need to make your own dividers is the following:

  • A circle template
  • Cardboard or an unwanted CD (You could recycle old cereal boxes)
  • Scissors
  • Decoration of your choice – pens, paint, glitter, and so on

You can also find some printable clothes dividers here.  


2. How to Organise Kids’ Clothes

As kids grow older, they can often become more fussy about what they wear. Before they start school and have to wear a uniform – or if it’s during the school holidays – you’ll end up with a variety of clothes to wash and store.

Organising kids’ clothes can be fun with this easy lifehack:

Let them have a say in what they wear and teach them about the days of the week all at the same time. Have a separate clothing unit such as a child-size plastic set of drawers or a hanging wardrobe organiser. Label each drawer or section with a day of the week using sticky labels, iron-on transfers, or marker pens – let your child help out with the decorating so they fill part of the process.

Every Sunday evening, decide on outfits for the week together and store them in the different sections. If you make sure the storage unit is accessible to your child then they can get their clothes by themselves every day which will help them to learn about the days of the week.   

3. How to Organise Drawers

Ever had one of those days when you can’t find your favourite top and end up finding it at the bottom of the drawer, only to have left behind a muddle of clothes? Disorganised drawers waste time and can leave clothes crumpled!

Organising drawers is easy with this simple tip:

Buy clear shoeboxes or drawer dividers specifically designed for this purpose. Clear shoeboxes may work especially well because their transparency allows you to see all your clothes. Place these in your drawers to sort out specific items, one box for tops, one for shorts, one for socks and so on. Also fold and place your clothes from front to back in the boxes instead of on top of each other; this will make it easier to locate an item. Alternatively you could roll items – this will save room too. 

4. How to Have a Clear Out with Little Effort

Organising clothes can often be hard because you actually have too many clothes to store!

Follow this essential lifehack to help you stop hoarding clothes:

Turn all of your hangers backwards so they face the wall of the wardrobe. Then, in six months’ time, if a piece of clothing is still hanging backwards, get rid of it. Recycling or donating your clothes is a great way to clear your wardrobe of clothes you don’t need.   

5. How to Sort Laundry

Lifehacks are a welcome friend for families with a lot of washing to be done. When you have multiple family members’ clothes to wash, items can get lost and muddled – you don’t want dad’s socks ending up in your baby girl’s wardrobe!

Use this handy tip to save time sorting laundry:

Buy everyone in your household a mesh laundry bag that is machine washable. Label these or decorate with fabric pens so you can distinguish whose is whose – this will be a fun activity for your kids and will give them ownership of their laundry bag. Hang each bag in the person’s room and then everyone must put their socks in the bag after they have worn them.

Collect all the bags at the end of the week, zip them up and wash them with your usual laundry. Once they are dry, give everyone their sock bag back – a simple lifehack that saves you from having to sort socks and search for any that have gone missing!

Also remember before sorting laundry or organising clothes, make sure the items have been washed with Persil small & mighty and any stains pre-treated to ensure they are prepared to be stored away.

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