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A laundry room reflected in the glass of a washing machine door.

Laundry Room Ideas & Solutions

Regular laundry is essential for your household, and a clean, well-organised laundry room will make the task a whole lot easier! Even if you have a small laundry space, you can keep it tidy and pleasant. Follow our tips below on how best to organise your Persil laundry products and other laundry solutions within your home.  


Different Laundry Baskets for Pre-Sorting Loads

Instead of one large laundry basket, which you’ll need to sort through, keep four separate, smaller laundry baskets, clearly labeled for whites, colours, darks, and delicates. Encourage your household to use these baskets when they’re depositing their dirty laundry, and the majority of pre-sorting will already be done before laundry day!

If you don’t have enough space for four containers, find four stackable tubs instead. You may want to have an additional container for heavily soiled clothes and another container or canvas bag for dry-cleaning garments.  


Store Laundry Products Together

Persil’s range of liquid detergents, washing powders, capsules, liquid detergents, and fabric softeners can easily be stored together in a plastic bin with a lid in a lockable cupboard or drawer. The sides of the bin will prevent bottles and boxes from tipping over, and the locked cupboard or drawer will keep detergents and cleaning products out of reach of children.

Remember to keep all laundry detergents out of reach of children and in a safe place. Also include any speciality laundry products or stain removers, and everything you need to do laundry will be right in one place!

Remember it’s extremely important to make sure that whatever type of container you use to store your laundry products in, that you place them out of reach of children. As toddlers grow they tend to have the habit of putting everything in their mouth as they develop their senses; therefore it’s essential to take every precaution to avoid any accidents with laundry detergent or capsules. Find out more about storing laundry capsules and child safety.  


Have an Easy-to-Access Source of Laundry Knowledge

Have trouble remembering how to wash out a ketchup stain instead of a mud stain? If you have an active and stain-prone household, Persil’s online Stain Removal Tips are handy reference, why not bookmark the page on your web browser? This way with a couple of clicks you can solve any stain queries in no time.

You could also consider printing out tips for the most common stains you come across in your household and keeping the print-outs in your laundry room, either taped to the wall or in an easy-to-reach folder. You can also print off this handy list of washing symbols to help prevent any laundry disasters.  


Have a Lost & Found Bin

Unmatched socks can sometimes turn up at the end of every laundry load. So keep any orphaned socks in a small ‘Lost and Found’ bin, and at the end of the week, you’ll be able to reunite these clean sock pairs with no extra hassle.  


Set Aside Vertical Space for Drying

Using vertical space wisely is key for an organised home, and in a laundry room, vertical space is a necessity for drying your washed loads. Keep a space where a foldable drying rack can be used for drip-drying clothes at the bottom of your space. On top, consider installing a wardrobe rail or clothesline where you can hang shirts, dresses, trousers, and other garments. Keep a supply of hangers and clothespins in your laundry room for easy access.  


Keep All Your Laundry Supplies in One Place

Don’t forget all the other supplies to do laundry properly. Laundry bags are useful for washing delicates, and for pre-treating stains, keep Persil small & mighty and the Stain Eraser Ball on hand (again, it's so important to make sure that all your cleaning products are stored in a lockable container, cupboard, or drawer).

For drying, a supply of hangers should be kept nearby and clothespins stored in a jar or shoebox. A lint remover and spray starch are two other useful products for keeping your fresh laundry looking sharp. And remember – when storing any cleaning products, you should always store them in a safe, lockable place, out of the reach of any curious children!

Laundry doesn’t have to be a dull chore – it can be an easy part of your everyday life. With our laundry room ideas, your home can have an organised and pleasant space for pre-sorting and drying loads, washing stains, and keeping your clothes fresh and clean!

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