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Colourful summer clothes hanging in a wardrobe.

How to Prevent Clothes from Fading

Thanks to the almighty washing machine, doing a load of laundry is always going to be straightforward. However, while the standard process is as easy as one, two, three, when you want to prevent clothes from fading, you need to stop thinking in numbers and start thinking in colours. We all know to wash whites and darks separately, but when it comes to colour, the boundaries can become, well, a little blurred.

Colour care is important and if you want to stay looking smart and stylish, you’ll need to know some basic rules about how to wash bright coloured clothes, and have a specially formulated colour care detergent, like Persil Powercaps Colour capsules, on hand. To keep your clothes as bright as the day you bought them follow these three simple steps for how to prevent clothes from fading:  

How to Wash Bright Colours

  1. Organise your laundry by colour intensity. Dividing your coloured clothes into brights and pastels will prevent bright colours from bleeding onto the paler fabrics.
  2. Turn your clothes inside out. This will also help the brighter garments from leaking colour and protect the coloured fabric fibers from the rough and tumble of the washing process.
  3. Choose an appropriate laundry detergent and setting cycle. Always check the care label on your garments for advice on which laundry cycle is best suited to the fabric, opting for the shortest cycle and lowest heat setting. Persil colour detergents (which come in liquid, powder, and capsule form) are perfect for delivering tough stain removal while keeping your clothes vibrant. It’s best to use a detergent specially designed for washing coloured clothes to make sure that your clothes get the best clean possible without losing their vibrancy.

So now you know how to wash bright clothes, and it’s still just as easy as one, two, three. But what happens if the colour does bleed? Over time, bright garments will gradually release their coloured dye, meaning fading clothes are often inevitable after years of seasoned wear. However, bleeding that occurs in the washing machine can be reversed.

Separate the affected garments and keep them away from heat, as drying in high heat will only set the discolouration. Instead, wash the stained clothes as before and the unwanted dye will wash out easily.  

Top tip! Brand-new brights? New clothes are most likely to bleed the most dye, so wash them on their own for the first few cycles and remember to turn your garments inside out first.

Top test! Before putting your clothes in a regular wash, find out if they’re colour fast with this quick and easy test for colour-fastness. Click here to try.

Have you tried a Persil colour care product to keep your brights vibrant? 

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