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A person hand washing blue clothing in a sink.

Summer life hacks: Washing clothes by hand when on holiday

When the family holiday rolls around, you want to be able to relax, let your hair down and not worry about the laundry. Unfortunately, the kids may have other ideas! Whether they’ve picked up mud stains on the campsite or spilled some chocolate ice cream on the beach, you’ll want to shift those pesky stains with as little hassle as possible. After all, the quicker you can tackle a stain, the easier it will be to remove.

If your accommodation doesn’t have a washing machine or launderette, you may be left asking “how do you hand wash clothes when away from home” – and that’s where our summer life hacks come in handy!


How to wash clothes when on holiday: what you’ll need

If your holiday accommodation doesn’t have a washing machine, it’s time to learn how to wash clothes in a sink or bath. If you’re preparing for a camping holiday, pop by your nearest camping store where you may be able to find a collapsible washing bowl – a handy alternative when you’re in the wild!

Try to get your hands on some Persil Handwash Washing Powder or pick up a small Persil small & mighty Eco Pack before you leave for your holiday. Then you’ll be prepared when those inevitable stains turn up after a long day of exploring.  


Washing clothes by hand: key steps

If you’re washing clothes in the bath or sink, make sure it’s nice and clean before you begin. It’s best to clean clothes in warm water around 30°C – Persil small & mighty still packs a punch at these lower temperatures so you can get stuck in.

Read the packaging carefully to find out how much detergent to add to the water. Make sure the detergent is thoroughly mixed in and dissolved before adding your garments. If you’re dealing with a particularly tough stain, add a little bit of the neat Persil small & mighty liquid directly to the stain and leave it to work for a few minutes.

Be sure to test it on an unseen part of the garment first to make sure it doesn’t affect the colour of the fabric. Once you’ve put the garment into the water, leave it to soak for a few minutes before gently massaging in the suds.

Hand wash life hacks:

  • If you have a larger load of laundry to sort out, try to wash clothes in the bath so you do not have to do it item by item.
  • Remember that even though a hand wash may not be as hot as your washing machine, clothes with strong colours can still bleed so wash your white and pale garments separately.
  • When you’re washing clothes in the sink or bath, remember to look after your hands. Rubber gloves are the ideal protection, but if you forgot to pack a pair then avoid soaking your bare hands for an overly long period of time and remember to wash them afterwards.
  • One of the greatest challenges with washing clothes on holiday is drying them quickly and effectively. Gently wring clothes to remove as much excess water as possible. If you can, bring along a travel washing line to hang them out. Most camping stores will sell a washing line that collapses so it won’t take up much packing room and will ensure that clothes are fresh and dry.

Holidays are the perfect time for kids to play, explore, and discover new places. With these few simple hacks, you can be prepared to get the family ready to head back out the next day stain-free.

Check out our stain removal cheat sheet for some stain removal tricks that may come in handy when washing clothes on holiday!

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