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A woman and child smiling on a snowy day.

Using Non Bio Detergent for Sensitive Skin in Winter

Do you find that your skin can become more sensitive in the winter? The cold, chilly air in winter really dries the skin out, encouraging it to lose moisture at a much quicker rate than it does in the summer. And for people who suffer from sensitive skin all year round, this can become more pronounced in winter too.

So how can we ensure that our skin is treated well throughout the year, especially during the winter months? One of the best ways to protect sensitive skin during winter is to pay more attention to the products we use on the skin – this includes creams, lotions, and even laundry detergent. If you suffer with sensitive skin in winter, or at any time of year, it can be helpful to use a non biological detergent that is kind on sensitive skin – but what is ‘non bio’?

Read on for helpful tips about how to protect your skin during the cold winter months.  


What Does ‘Non Bio’ Mean?

Non bio detergent is very similar to bio detergent. In fact, in terms of cleaning power, both are effective, and can get your clothes clean and fresh in no time. The difference between the two types of product comes in the ingredients. Whereas biological detergents contain enzymes that help break down stains in cooler temperatures, helping more households to become more environmentally friendly, non bio detergents are enzyme-free.

Although this means that non- biological detergents may not be quite as effective in a cold wash, it does mean that they do not contain enzymes that could irritate sensitive skin. During the winter your skin is exposed to the cold weather, often making it more sensitive. By using a non biological detergent you can ensure that the fabric of your clothing will be kind to your skin when it is at it’s most vulnerable.

A non bio’s enzyme free formula means its gentle on delicate skin all year round, so it’s the ideal choice if you regularly suffer from sensitive skin (not just in the winter), or if you want to protect your new born’s sensitive skin. And, the good news is that all your favourite Persil detergents, such as Dual Action Capsules and small & mighty, are available in a non biological format.

Our skincare research is supported by the British Skin Foundation, and our products are also dermatologically tested, so you can be assured that Persil Non Bio is the right choice for delicate skin, regardless of the season.  


More Ways to Protect Dry, Sensitive Skin in the Winter

Although dermatologists recommend exfoliating regularly during the summer to remove dead skin, frequent exfoliating is considered bad practice in the winter as it leaves the skin open to irritation. Alternatively, the British Skin Foundation recommends wrapping up warm with hats and gloves, moisturising regularly, and avoiding materials such as wool that could irritate the skin.

You could also try using a hypoallergenic fabric softener designed for sensitive skin, such as Comfort Pure, along with Persil Non Bio. With this gentle combination your clothes will be left feeling soft and fluffy – plus your skin will thank you for it!

Persil Non Bio and Comfort Pure are also a great combination to use throughout the different seasons to ensure sensitive skin – especially a baby’s – is always treated with care.  


Bio or Non Bio for Sensitive Skin?

If you’ve been searching for ways to protect your sensitive skin in winter, then a great solution is to try switching to a non bio detergent designed to be kind on sensitive skin.

By swapping your regular detergent for a non bio alternative, and by incorporating other measures such as using a good moisturiser, you can help look after your sensitive skin during the winter and all year round!

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