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What Is the Secret Behind Persil's Power

Ever wondered how Persil’s laundry detergents manage to remove even stubborn stains from your family's clothes? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The secrets behind the power of Persil are pretty straightforward: we combine strong cleaning power with gentle care to help you remove stains and look after your clothes.

If you’ve ever wondered how we pack so much Persil power into each bottle of our concentrated liquid detergent or into each individual capsule, then you’re about to find out.  


Stain removal secrets: Persil Bio

If you’ve ever reached for a bottle or a scoop of our biological detergent to treat a grease or egg stain, you’ll know how effective it is. But what makes it work so well on tough stains?

The secret: these detergents contain a number of different enzymes (we counted four in the Persil small & mighty Bio Liquid Detergent) which are designed to break stain molecules down into smaller pieces. These fragments dissolve harmlessly in your wash.

Best on: the enzymes in our detergents work best on protein-based stains, such as blood or egg, but they’re also good at treating starchy and greasy stains. They’re designed to be effective at lower temperatures too so you can save energy while using Persil’s power to fight stains.

How to use: to make the most of Persil’s stain-fighting power, just use one of our bio detergents as directed on the packaging. If you’re wondering “will this Persil power damage my clothes” then you’ll be pleased to know that our biological detergents are completely safe on clothes when used as directed. The only exception is silk and wool garments. These delicate fabrics need a little extra TLC so you should always use Persil Non-Bio Detergent instead.  


Gentle care secrets: Persil Non-Bio

Some people may find that they need a milder option for their sensitive skin - that’s where our non-bio options come in.

The secret: our non-biological products don’t contain the enzymes from our biological products and offer a gentler solution. They still retain all that great Persil cleaning power though thanks to high quality surfactants – the agents found in any soap or detergent that give it its cleansing power and make it foam.

Best on: these detergents are best used on delicate fabrics or by people with sensitive skin. Those washing baby clothes may also prefer the gentler cleaning power of non-biological detergents.

How to use: our non-bio detergents are available as a powder detergent, capsule, tablet, or liquid detergent so how you use it will depend on your choice. Just follow the instructions and dosage guidelines on the packaging to get the best results.  


Choosing the right detergent

To make sure you make the right choice next time you shop for detergent, ask yourself what sort of product you need. If you're worried about sensitive skin, choose non-biological Persil, while biological Persil might be best for those interested in removing lots of tough stains.

Want to know more about what goes into your laundry detergent? Read up on common cleaning ingredients and how they work. Or, if you’re ready to put the power of Persil to the test, check out this article on some common stains we can help you erase with ease.

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