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Why should I use Persil Capsules

Different types of pouches can have a variety of uses: storing money, water, or even a baby kangaroo! They’re also great for storing laundry capsules. We’ve re-designed the packaging of our Persil Capsules so they now come in a handy pouch, perfect for squeezing into the kitchen cupboard after a big shop. But why should you use Persil laundry capsules?  


The benefits of using Persil Capsules

Whether you call them washing capsules, laundry pouches, liquitabs, capsules, or pods, there’s no denying they’re a go-to for fuss-free laundry. Here’s why:

  • Convenience. Each capsule contains a pre-measured dose. There’s no need for pouring or measuring, simply place the capsule in the washing machine drum.
  • Powerful stain removal in every spin. Persil Capsules offer tough stain removal in just one dose and are great for common stains such as grass and water-based glue.
  • More washes. Persil’s new bigger packaging means that each pouch of Persil Capsules contains 2 extra washes the amount in the old tubs.

If you like the sound of fuss-free laundry and fantastic stain removal combined in one little capsule, then it’s just a matter of deciding which variant of Persil Capsules to choose.  


Persil Non-Bio Capsules or Persil Bio Capsules?

Persil Non-Bio Capsules are great for those who have sensitive skin, including babies. Their gentle non-biological formula is kind to skin so you can be sure it’s suitable for the whole family. Washing baby clothes with Persil Non-Bio Capsules is a good option for busy parents who need to tackle stubborn stains and wash their child’s clothes quickly, as well as care for their child’s delicate skin too.

Persil Bio Capsules have a biological formula which is brilliant at breaking down enzymes in stains, helping to loosen them from fabric fibres. They’re perfect if you’ve got little adventurers that are always exploring the great outdoors and getting dirty, or if you find that you’re a magnet for stains yourself. Persil Bio Capsules are best for fast, fantastic stain removal for enzyme stains like blood, grass, and egg.

You can also purchase Persil Colour Care Capsules if you’re looking for a quick and convenient detergent to use that will help keep your colourful clothes bright and stain-free. Persil Colour Care Capsules are great for washing jeans and bright clothes as they help protect your colours and prevent them from fading, while also providing tough stain removal. They’re the perfect choice for a fuss-free colour wash.  


How to use Persil Capsules

Persil Capsules are really simple to use. All you need to do is place one capsule per load at the back of the washing machine drum, before putting in your clothes. For more information, read our guide on how to use washing capsules for best results.

Safety is also extremely important when it comes to laundry capsules. The re-designed Persil packaging for capsules means they’re super safe and easy to store. The laundry detergent packet is re-sealable, to keep out any little hands, and uses 70% less plastic, making the new pouch design much easier to fit in a jam-packed cupboard than a tub.

It’s important to keep capsules away from children and pets, so be sure to store your capsule pouch on a high shelf or in a locked cupboard, and always remember to reseal the packet after use. Check out our child safety instructions for laundry capsules to learn more about using and storing capsules safely.

Choosing to use laundry capsules can revolutionise your laundry routine. Pick up some Persil Capsules online or the next time you’re at the supermarket and discover for yourself the convenience of capsules!

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