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Every Stain Tells A Story

“Monster Stains” demonstrates the amazing stain-removing power of Persil. It’s made by painting stains onto a clean school shirt, taking a photo of the stain, and then washing the shirt clean. That process was repeated more than 3,000 times. Then all the photos were stitched together to bring the characters and their stain-filled world to life. 

If the little monsters seem familiar, it’s because they were created with the help of Aardman, the Oscar-winning studio behind Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. They used a messy colour palette of 28 common household stains, with everything from gravy and jam to grass and chocolate ice cream. That’s what was used instead of paint. For example, the monsters’ eyebrows are a mix of mashed up red cabbage, milk powder and mayo. The cliffs were painted with maple syrup and soil. 

Thanks to the stain-removing power of Persil, they were all completely washed away, every time.

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Production Credits

Big Guy

  1. blue icing
  2. blue gel
  3. white icing
  4. beef gravy
  5. blue food dye
  6. red cabbage
  7. mayonnaise
  8. maple syrup

Little Guy

  1. beef gravy
  2. blue gel
  3. white icing
  4. mayonnaise
  5. blue food dye
  6. blue icing
  7. maple syrup


  1. pink food dye
  2. chocolate ice cream
  3. pink icing
  4. red cabbage
  5. cream
  6. white icing

Also Starring

  1. hot chocolate
  2. baked beans
  3. cocoa powder
  4. bolognese sauce
  5. tomato ketchup
  6. soy sauce
  7. mushy peas
  8. grass
  9. powdered milk
  10. green pesto
  11. chicken gravy
  12. hot dog mustard
  13. beetroot juice
  14. bike oil
  15. raspberries
  16. soil

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