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Sustainability for Kids

Kids are never too young to learn how to live sustainably, and showing them the small ways that they can look after the environment will set them up for a bright and healthy future ahead. Being green is fun, especially when there’s recycling games, Earth Day activities and World Environment Day celebrations involved. Explore our ideas on sustainability and energy saving for kids to find out how you can help them help the planet. 

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Get green with the kids!

Show the kids that reducing, reusing and recycling is fun by encouraging them to get involved through play. It’s amazing what can be made out of empty toilet rolls, cereal boxes and plastic bottles. Explore our recycling ideas for kids to learn more. 

Encourage the kids to get competitive with their energy saving activity by creating a fun sticker chart in the kitchen. Every light or appliance that they switch off gets a sticker – it’s a simple way to teach energy saving for kids.

Watching less TV is not only great for saving on your home’s energy consumption, but it will also encourage the kids to be active. Switch off electronics and learn tips on energy saving for kids that will help them get outside and go green.

You can celebrate the environment with your kids every day (by admiring flowers, running in the woods and looking after animals) but you can also mark special occasions. Explore our World Environment Day and Earth Day activities to make a fun day out of celebrating sustainability. 

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