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Our favourite ways to celebrate World Earth Day with the kids

In a world and society ever more conscious of the idea of sustainable living, and the need to go green, it’s important to mark celebratory days such as World Earth Day. Read on to discover some of our favourite ideas to celebrate Earth Day with your family this year.


When is World Earth Day and what is it?

Did you know that World Earth Day celebrates the day that, in 1970, the modern environmental movement began? The day that it is celebrated each year is April 22nd.


How is earth day celebrated around the world?

World Earth Day is just that... a worldwide celebration! There are many different ways that countries choose to mark the occasion. In some areas such as Hungary, organised mass cycling events are attended, while in Thailand Buddhist monks gather to give alms. It’s a great time to offer extra education to our children; almost every country including the US and UK find Earth Day crafts for kids and other activities to show the next generation the importance of the environmental movement.


How to celebrate Earth Day: Easy Earth Day crafts and activities for kids

With these 3 easy World Earth Day activities and crafting ideas we’ll show you how to get your children involved in the festivities this year.


Get outside and go on a scavenger hunt

This is both good for your health and a great way to utilise Earth Day for kids’ education about our environment.

What you’ll need:

  • A list of things to look for (why not print it on some paper and laminate it?)
  • A pen to tick each one off (a drywipe on your laminated page will make it reusable!)
  • Include things such as leaves, squirrels, butterflies and other flora and fauna found native to your area.

What to do:

  • Take your children on a walk around a local park, or a hike up your nearest hill or fell.
  • Get them to keep an eye out for the items on your list and tick them off when they find them.

Create a homemade bird feeder

Teach your children the benefits of recycling and upcycling with Earth Day craft ideas for kids such as a homemade bird feeder.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic container such as an empty milk carton or detergent bottle. Even if it is recyclable, it’s good to repurpose it instead!
  • Scissors
  • Paint, paper scraps and other decorations
  • String

What to do:

  • Wash out your container. You want no leftover residue when you put the birdseed inside.
  • You want the birds to access the seed, so you need to cut holes in the side. Why not get creative and make your container look like a house and cut holes to look like doors and windows?
  • Let your children get creative and decorate the container.
  • Cut a small hole in the lid and loop some string through before screwing the lid back onto your container.
  • Fill with bird seed and hang it out for the local birds to enjoy.

Make a plastic pledge

What you’ll need:

  • Scraps of paper to make your own (you can always use our template for guidance)
  • A printer to print out our template

What to do:

  • Write down a list of achievable actions to cut out various different types of plastic from our everyday lives. Try to think of a few ideas – this could be anything from avoiding single-use PVC products to using sustainable fabric shopping bags. Why not add stickers and make it a competition to see who can come up with the most different ways?
  • Writing it down and adding tick boxes will help you stick to the plan!
  • Choose at least three which you and our family can commit to. Make the pledge and display it somewhere visible so that it’s always remembered!

Just like that you have some new and awesome Earth Day projects for kids, with activities and crafts that are not only fun but also educational. Now you can be sure to enjoy the day and instil in your children the importance of leading a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Have a look at these other important dates for you and your family to be aware of.

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